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Luxury mobility scooters offer the best of the best.

Luxury mobility scooters offer an extended battery life, above-average maximum speed and quality features for the ultimate in comfort. See below for our Home Health and Mobility luxury mobility scooter range.

The Mart Cart is also available – a speciality mobility scooter perfect for shopping in large supermarkets and shopping malls.

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Afikim Breeze Pride Cyclone The Mart Cart
Afikim Breeze
Weight Capacity: 160 kg
Range Per Charge: 45km
Maximum Speed: 15 km/h

Gary’s Comments:
The Afikim Breeze is a model which is new to New Zealand and offers the most comfortable ride of any scooter I have tried.
Pride Cyclone
Weight Capacity: 150 kg
Range Per Charge: 35 km
Maximum Speed: 12 km/h

Gary’s Comments:

The Pride Cyclone mobility scooters offers comfort, full elastomeric suspension, 6 ply tyres, a speedo and trip meter.
The Mart Cart
Weight Capacity: 259 kg
The Mart Cart is a specialised, 100% recyclable shopping cart which offers a comfortable shopping experience, specifically for supermarkets, shopping mall, warehouses etc. The Mart Cart has safety features galore. This Mart Cart is the way forward for any large retailer who puts customers first. The Mart Cart is currently used by Marks & Spencer’s, Sainsbury's and Wal-Mart overseas.

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